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Wonderfil Bobbinator

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Item Descripton: The perfect thread for all of your English Paper Piecing and needle turn applique needs. It is strong and will withstand the constant dragging over the card when English Paper Piecing. It is also fine, allowing your stitches to disappear into your work so they become invisible. It works perfectly with the Sue Daley milliners needles. The bobbinator is designed to turn your bobbin into a spool of thread! It is a practical and convenient way to carry your English Paper Piecing thread without getting tangles. Each bobbinator will fit a total of 4 bobbins.

Pack Inclusions: Each pack will include 10 x pre-wound 80wt cottonised polyester thread on plastic bobbins and your very own bobbinator.

SKU Number: SDP-Bobbinator

Product NameSue Daley Wonderfil Bobbinator

Designer: Sue Daley Designs for Wonderfil Specialty Threads