New clothes, new fabric and a new layout!!

When your sewjo mojo has gone.

Earlier this week I saw a question of how to bring back your sewing inspiration. We all have those times when everything comes together and we have free time in our sewing space, but when we walk in the door our minds go blank. We start staring into our fabric stash hoping for something to jump out that we can sink our teeth into, but nothing comes. Just a blank. We get frustrated at the situation and walk away defeated. Our sewing space is no longer the joy it once was.

So how do we break from that. In this post I will share with you what helps me break from that feeling and what gets me back to the cutting mat or sewing machine.

1. My first go to is Instagram.
I first browse my current follows, but then I explore. I look at the search suggestions or pick up on # tags from posts that I like or are leading me in an inspiring direction. On Instagram you now have the ability to follow # tags helping you find new inspiration pages. These don't even have to be fabric or sewing related. Some of who I follow for inspiration are @downgrapevinelane #quiltmarket #australianhandmade @josielewisart (I love a rainbow of colour) 

(image credit: @downgrapevinelane)

2. My second go to is Pinterest.
From one visual medium to another. Most of us would find that the visual draws us in. For me Instagram and Pinterest feed my visual hunger and most times provide me with a jumping point for a new project, or the drive to complete a UFO.

Search for anything, pick your favourite colour, a fabric stack you bought ages ago, a designer you may have just found on Instagram - and let your mind wander. 

3. My third go to is YouTube.
If I am still lost I turn to YouTube. I love watching Angela Walters of the Midnight Quilter or Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I might search a new to me tool or just sit back and be mesmerized by free motion quilting.

If I still have no mojo....
I start sorting my stash or cutting my scraps into usable pieces. I have 2 1/2" - 10" squares or strips. By the time I have finished cutting, I have a ready to go quick scrap quilt which get me started.

You may have others (and share them with us all), but the main thing is that you do something to find the love for fabric you once had, and can share your new finished project with the world to inspire someone else.

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