I found a new fabric love!

Posted by Kim Thiess on

Heading off to AQM last November I was like a kid in a candy store. So many new bright pretties to look at and tempt me. Over the two days I kept walking past a clothing display filled with the most gorgeous adult frocks. They sat right at the chest, and their skirts fell seamlessly.

What was this fabric? It wasn't smooth like quilting cotton that I mostly used. It wasn't the soft and flowing lawn that I have also worked with in the past. It was coarser, and had a rough weave to it. The floral designs were historic and rich and I could see the emerging winter range for Micky Mae coming together in my head.

I had to find the designer, who were they, and how do I get this fabric? And there she was. I walked around the corner to where she was, Cathi Bessell-Browne from Western Australia. Gertrude Made is Cathi's design label and Outback Wife is her fabric collection for Ella Blue.

Following my commitment to bring you products from Australian Designers, this fabric designed by Cathi teamed up with my long standing love of the Australian Tadah patterns brings you Winter Rose, the first in our Winter 2018 collection. This dress is available in sizes 0-6 with room for a couple of custom makes from sizes 000-8. Teamed up with tights and boots, any young lady is ready to take on the world.

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