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This week we are going behind the scenes to see how I select a fabric or a range to create my pretties for your little ones. This comes from an Australian exclusive fabric we have coming in dresses this Friday.

Let me first say that my original selection process has changed since owning a fabric store so here is my refined criteria.

Firstly the fabric must come from a top quality brand. This ensures that your items won't run when washed on a cold cycle, shrink if you happen to put it in the dryer or warp over time. Any new brands I work with are tested first. All my fabrics to date have been 100% cotton, but that may change in the future, just check the label and description.

Secondly the patterns and colours of the fabric must be suitable for the age group and type of item being created. Some patterns lend themselves to playsuits, but others would be great in a twirling skirt or dress. Others are suitable to be paired up with another to create a great contrast. 

Thirdly I check the price. We all like our items to be a little bit cheaper and so I seek out quality, pretty fabrics at a price reasonable enough so I stay competitive and can pass on a great price with great quality to you.

Even as I bought fabric for the store to sell on, I always had in mind what I could or would sew with them. Now that the storefront has sold and the fabric side of the business has closed, I get to sew with all the pretties I have on hand. 

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What fabrics and in which styles would you like to see in up coming ranges?



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