The Letter F

I was asked over the weekend why I am doing a letter for each day? When there is so many things swirling around your mind, you need a way of sorting it all out. This was what I came up with. Something for everyone every day, but also something different everyday. So today’s list: FrisbeeContinue reading “The Letter F”

Anzac Biscuits

An easy make and one that will be enjoyed by all. There are so many different types of this recipe about and I am sure we all tweak ours a bit. What you will need: 125g butter3 dessertspoons golden syrup1 heaped teaspoon bi-carb soda 1 1/2 cup rolled oats1 cup self raising flour (SR flour)3/4Continue reading “Anzac Biscuits”

Letter B

Today is the day to get out and move. Balls, bounce, bikes, balloons and bubbles. If these don’t get you outside and moving, nothing will. For those looking at more inside activities think Barbies, Batman, baking, ballet, bed and books. I know the last two are calling me today. Yesterday so many friends said theyContinue reading “Letter B”

The first of many

And a new chapter begins… When one door closes another opens, you just need to see it. The past is there. It is remembered for what it was, just one chapter in my life. It is not the whole story. Was it a good chapter? Yes, and I enjoyed myself. Learnt so much and madeContinue reading “The first of many”

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