How I save fresh produce

Who has been shopping and seen a great sale on fresh produce like capsicums and wanted to buy up big, but knew that you wouldn’t get through them all before they turned? Well now you can – just don’t take all of mine!! Keep in mind these don’t thaw crisp, so they are great inContinue reading “How I save fresh produce”

Letter B

Today is the day to get out and move. Balls, bounce, bikes, balloons and bubbles. If these don’t get you outside and moving, nothing will. For those looking at more inside activities think Barbies, Batman, baking, ballet, bed and books. I know the last two are calling me today. Yesterday so many friends said theyContinue reading “Letter B”

Kites, karaoke and kitchen

I did a random letter search and it gave me the letter K So here is a list of ideas of what options there are for the letter K Something for everyone: Kites – make kites – and if you have a windy day go flying Karaoke – have a karaoke party or sing offContinue reading “Kites, karaoke and kitchen”