The Letter F

I was asked over the weekend why I am doing a letter for each day? When there is so many things swirling around your mind, you need a way of sorting it all out. This was what I came up with. Something for everyone every day, but also something different everyday.

So today’s list:

  • Frisbee – one of my friends posted over the weekend them playing a game of Frisbee golf in the backyard. Are there other games you can play with the Frisbee.
  • Flying – investigate which paper planes fly better. Research how birds, planes, space craft fly.
  • Fridge and Freezer clean out and stock check.
  • Frozen 1 & 2 – these are constant in our place, but good for a bit of R&R.
  • Fairy tales, folk tales and fables – read, illustrate or write your own.
  • Friends and family – something so important during this time. Write letters to those who you can’t visit. If you can’t post them, take a picture and send to them or email them instead. Facetime or Skype with loved ones, have them read to your kids or have your kids present something they have been doing with Grandparents. Go through photo albums, or put one together. Create your family tree.
  • And any of the other letter of the day activities I spoke about HERE.

What activity did you get up to today? Share below and don’t forget to follow me here and on the socials.

Take care,
Kim xx.

Published by mickymaeathome

Micky Mae was a family own business that was hit by the drought and bushfires of 2019. I am now at home, loving it and wanting to share with you my journey. This page is still evolving from the store to mummy blog, so images will change as time goes on. I will be covering all things at home from shopping, recipes, cleaning tips and activities to do with the kids. August 2021 update - the store will be reopening, but may look a little different. Find us in Etsy for now.

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