Letter B

Today is the day to get out and move. Balls, bounce, bikes, balloons and bubbles. If these don’t get you outside and moving, nothing will. For those looking at more inside activities think Barbies, Batman, baking, ballet, bed and books. I know the last two are calling me today.

Yesterday so many friends said they loved the list and there were so many good ideas. So today I encourage you to start a bucket list of the ideas that work for you. It can be a notebook, a poster board taped to a cabinet in the kitchen, a whiteboard that you have in the shed or a document on the computer. However you do it, a list is good. When you are scratching your brain on what to do, go to your list and see what jumps out for you today.

So a dot point list for today:

  • Balls – any and all – count them, sort them, bounce them, kick them, hit them with bats, throw them (use containers large and small as baskets), roll on them, make them (search how to make a bouncy ball).
  • Bounce – with the balls or on a trampoline.
  • Balloons – have indoor volleyball games or make bats from paper plates and a wooden spoon. Have races with balloons between the knees. Craft with them.
  • Bikes – All go for a ride, or this is a great time to teach one how to ride a bike.
  • Bubbles – good one for all ages. Perfect for those needing space to gather themselves. Put a small bit of detergent into a container with some colour (paint or food colouring) and combine. Blow bubbles and then gently place paper over the top of the bubbles to create a print.
  • Barbie and Batman – explore imaginative play
  • Baking – good time to get some baked goodies ready for next week. Recipe coming tomorrow!
  • Ballet – learn online or just put on some music and go freestyle.
  • Books – reading is a great time to come together, cuddle up in bed or on the sofa, you read, they read or listen to an audio book while you are baking.
  • Bath – take a relaxing bath if you can, ease that stress. Or bath the dogs.
  • Bed – this one is my favourite! Just stay in bed. Or change the sheets and bed covers (doonas, blankets, etc), you will sleep better tonight.

Plus you can add the letter B to all the letter activities I posted yesterday. Next week I will have a post with a printable list (if I can work out how to do that!!) of letter activities which you can then apply the letter off the day. I will also try and generate a list (with links) to a bunch of free letter activity pages for you.

Tomorrow is the weekend, where I will give you my recipe for Anzac Biscuits. So happy Friday and don’t forget to like this post if it has helped you, follow me on all the socials and leave a comment or reach out if there is something you want me to cover.

Take care,
Kim xx.

Published by mickymaeathome

Micky Mae was a family own business that was hit by the drought and bushfires of 2019. I am now at home, loving it and wanting to share with you my journey. This page is still evolving from the store to mummy blog, so images will change as time goes on. I will be covering all things at home from shopping, recipes, cleaning tips and activities to do with the kids. August 2021 update - the store will be reopening, but may look a little different. Find us in Etsy for now.

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