The first of many

And a new chapter begins…

When one door closes another opens, you just need to see it. The past is there. It is remembered for what it was, just one chapter in my life. It is not the whole story. Was it a good chapter? Yes, and I enjoyed myself. Learnt so much and made great friends, some of whom will travel with me into future chapters of my life.

When I returned to being at home, my focus and passions started to change. I no longer wanted to sit for hours at my sewing machine. My body wouldn’t allow it. I stressed over updating the webpage and socials, the store, keeping Etsy up to date, the changes in postage. It all became too much.

So what now?

So as I searched for what to do next (laundry, there is always laundry), I found myself following others like me. Mums at home with a never ending to do list, a family to feed and kids that want something to do. And a spark inside me grew. I was not alone in navigating life at home.

And so, I have joined this online community, sharing my new chapter with you, as I too navigate life at home.

I will be sharing a wide range of things, from recipes to craft activities, schedules and printables, kids activities (which we need while we are self isolating), organising and cleaning. My brain is buzzing and waking me at odd hours (4:30am today) surging me on to share with you all.

Come join me.

While we are in self isolation I will be sharing activities and ideas everyday to help us all during this time.

You can find me at:



Please add #mickymaeathome to your posts so I can see what you are up to as well.

Take care
Kim xx.

Published by mickymaeathome

Micky Mae was a family own business that was hit by the drought and bushfires of 2019. I am now at home, loving it and wanting to share with you my journey. This page is still evolving from the store to mummy blog, so images will change as time goes on. I will be covering all things at home from shopping, recipes, cleaning tips and activities to do with the kids. August 2021 update - the store will be reopening, but may look a little different. Find us in Etsy for now.

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