Kites, karaoke and kitchen

I did a random letter search and it gave me the letter K

So here is a list of ideas of what options there are for the letter K

Something for everyone:

  • Kites – make kites – and if you have a windy day go flying
  • Karaoke – have a karaoke party or sing off
  • Kitchen – clean out some cupboards, make a list of what is in the fridge or freezer, do some cooking
  • Kanji – learn how to write some words in Japanese
  • Knitting – find some wool and needles and look up online on how to start
  • Kaleidoscope – look up how to make one
  • Karate – but please be safe

Something for the little ones:

  • Do letter searches around the house. Cut up a piece of paper and write the letter K on each piece then hide around the house.
  • There are plenty of letter K print offs and letter searches online for you to find.
  • Find all the letter K’s in a story that you read today.
  • Create a list of items in your house that start with K.
  • Be a King for the day and make a crown.
  • Use playdoh to make lots of letter K’s – also knife skills – use a ruler or kids knife for safety
  • Trace around old Keys and see the different shapes it makes
  • Find the locks that the keys go in
  • Chalk draw the letter K and then spray with water

Something for school aged kids:

  • Handwriting – if you don’t have handwriting set, practice your K’s – search for your year level writing pages and download, or we purchased a couple of spares from the Newsagent to do writing in.
  • Make a list of K words where K is strong and a list of where K is silent.
  • Make a list of words that end in K.
  • On a map find towns or countries that start with K
  • Research a town, country, a person or animal that starts with K. Kids can make a video presentation of what they have found out and send to Grandparents – or video call them to talk about what they have learned.
  • Craft up a Koala or Kangaroo – search the house for supplies and see what you can create

Wow, what a list. Share up on socials what you chose from this list using #mickymaeathome so I can see what a great day you have had.

Did you do something that wasn’t on the list – share below.

Take care
Kim xx.

Published by mickymaeathome

Micky Mae was a family own business that was hit by the drought and bushfires of 2019. I am now at home, loving it and wanting to share with you my journey. This page is still evolving from the store to mummy blog, so images will change as time goes on. I will be covering all things at home from shopping, recipes, cleaning tips and activities to do with the kids. August 2021 update - the store will be reopening, but may look a little different. Find us in Etsy for now.

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